I am a creative
illustrator & photographer.

Hello, my name is Arron Davies a freelance graphic and web designer from South Wales, UK. This is my illustration and visual media portfolio. I've been working in the creative industry for about 15 years now working alongside new and established businesses worldwide.
I’m a day to day web and graphic designer at my studio Designerjuice with locations in Liverpool and Cardiff. Wales. I’m also an avid illustrator using digital and traditional mediums and love photography, both I use in and outside of my design studio.
Selected work.
What am I all about?

I’m a very passionate person about anything creative, my background is in web development but along the way, I have developed and introduced skills into my work you may not get typically with someone who works in web development.
Early on in my career, I started creating graphics and more hand-drawn illustrations into my work, mainly to stay away from stock graphics, the same with photography. It works hand in hand for a web developer, and now it's been over a decade I feel exhibiting my illustration and photography on its own portfolio website is the right thing to do.
Don't be a stranger
I'm available on many social networks and creative websites where you can see other examples of my work and to get more connected with me, feel free to follow me on any of these platforms and please reach out, I love hearing feedback about my works, I also have some illustrative and photography prints available on my Etsy store if you would like to see what's up for sale.