I occasionally write songs.

I've been playing various instruments since I was a child and though studying music before my professional years, following it as a career over a passion wasn't something I did in my early years. choosing a career in something you love can turn out to be a buzzkill.
Now however I do create music whether that's for pure self-validation or expression, I've created pieces for productions, this year being a great example by producing soundtracks for the BBC and Animation studios.
My Projects are published under the artist name Scientific God
Coming Soon.
Love For The Moon
Love For The Moon is an experimental piece initially created in the 2020 pandemic written in an appreciated glam rocks style popular in the 80s.
The single Pay for Love is available on all major streaming platforms, There's a planned 9 track album currently in development I hope. to release later on this year which will mark the project as completed.
What is Scientific God?

Scientific God is a band name but for a single songwriter, I guess like an avatar, kinda like Gorillaz but one guy and a vocalist for hire, all the music is written and composed by myself but vocalists for hire are brought in to help bring that aspect of my songs together though not intentionally written at first for vocals, Science, in this case, represents the science of music and God meaning I can do whatever I want with no limitations.
Songs are written and recorded in my home studio and vocals are brought in remotely then finally mastered, each album is going to be a different musical genre so I've got a lot of imaginative ideas and scope I want to bring out through my virtual band Scientific God. Currently, I'm working on 80s glam rocks.
Don't be a stranger
I'm available on many social networks and creative websites where you can see other examples of my work and to get more connected with me, feel free to follow me on any of these platforms and please reach out, I love hearing feedback about my works, I also have some illustrative and photography prints available on my Etsy store if you would like to see what's up for sale.